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Creating comfortable living space

In Japan, under accelerating declining birthrate together with aging society, the “quality” is highly required in the living space.
The high quality such as more comfortable, safer and more convenient is required more than ever depending on the situation that people are living in the space.
The human-friendly and eco-conscious facility equipment are an inevitable factor in order to realize the comfortable living space, including measures against aging society, nursing care system, well-sealed・well-insulated, ecology, energy-savings, and universal design.



G-net offers a planning for comfortable space

In order to realize the comfortable space in new housing or remodeling, the selection of housing equipment is very important factor.
To choose and propose housing equipment from various kinds of brands and product lines responding to each requirement are a vital role as an intermediate distributor.
The Housing Equipment Business which G-net operates realizes diversified items by purchasing from many manufacturers including kitchen equipment, bathroom equipment, washing stand, gas equipment, boiler equipment, sanitary equipment and exterior materials.
G-net deals with wide range of equipment manufactures producing from equipment to exterior materials and realizes a broad range of items.
We support to create comfortable and safe living space by proposals from the standpoint of people living.